• Dear Friends: 

    Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the board and staff at Longview Nazarene have attempted to navigate how we might gather safely, following both good practice and the recommendations of our state and local governments.  This has not always been easy on us or on you.  For your patience and your flexibility, I thank you.

    We are moving into a new phase of this pandemic which involves changing and loosening some of the restrictions that have been put into place locally and nationally.  We at LCN are excited as we move towards something resembling normalcy.

    This week the board met to discuss how to respond on a church level to the latest news from the CDC and State officials regarding masking of individuals who have been vaccinated.  As of now, the guidance from the state is unclear as to whether or not vaccinated folks need to be sitting in specific vaccinated sections or whether the state is asking us to verify vaccination status if we decide to lift masking guidelines.

    Given lack of clarity on both national and local levels, we have decided to leave our masking policy in place for all attendees so we can take the requisite time to make a well-informed decision to move forward. Our intention is to make a firm decision on masking no later than June 15th (which is our next board meeting) if not sooner.  

    For some this is moving too fast.  For others this is moving too slow.  We appreciate your grace and understanding as we try to make the best decisions with the information we have.  

    Remember, in all of this, to let love lead.  There are A LOT of different opinions on what is best and most beneficial and even what is the most faithful way forward.  Please feel free to contact me (Pastor Mike) if you have questions, concerns or even wish to state your disagreement.  

    Thank you again for your patience and your grace during this process and this last year.

    Grace and Peace

    Pastor Mike Yost and the board of Longview Church of the Nazarene

  • As of April 4th we are returning to in-person worship!  While we will still be following state COVID-19 guidelines, we have the opportunity to gather, praise, sing, and worship face-to-face!!!!  In order to help us maintain a safe space we are asking that all who attend please sign up HERE or contact the church office.  

  • While under normal circumstances we beleive that worship is best accomplished together, given the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are upgreading our live-stream for fully online worship.  We will meet Sunday Morning at 10:30 am and Wednesday nights at 6:00pm.   You may join the LiveStream on YouTube HERE or Facebook HERE.

    Anyone with internet can access the stream.  If you are unsure about how to access the stream please call the church office or fill out a Digital Connect Card HERE.

    In an ongoing effort to grow together in Christ and in the inability to meet together as much as we would like, we are providing a TEXT STUDY GUIDE here that will help you to dive deeper into the Sunday Morning Texts.  If you would like a copy of the CORE guide mailed or emailed to you, please contact the church office: office@longviewnazarene.org.

  • As many are limiting their contact with others and are unable to be in worship we do have an online giving option for those who would like to give their tithes and offerings online.  Your continued support of the church and its mission allows us to have online resources avialable as well as provide resources to our community during this unprecidented event.  You may access our online giving page HERE.