Facility Use Policy

Longview Church of the Nazarene Building Use Policy

I understand that being allowed to use the facilities of the church is a privilege and I will abide by the following regulations:

      - Use will be limited to the fellowship hall, kitchen and bathrooms unless otherwise agreed upon;

      - Use will not include using the nursery unless a church approved paid nursery attendant is present;

      - Pursuant to our mission and values, no alcohol is permitted on the premises.

Fellowship Hall :

      -Will be vacuumed thoroughly after use ,

      -All seating and tables will be put in original configuration.

      -All trash containers will be emptied and new liners installed. (New liners are in bottom of cans)

Kitchen :

      - All dishes will be washed and put away

      - Counter tops and tables will be washed and in ready condition for the next use

      - All soiled kitchen cloths will be left in hampers for cleaning by staff

      - Coffee filters will be emptied, and carafes will be rinsed and ready for next use.

*There will be a $100.00 fee for opening and closing services*