What is the Annual meeting?

The annual meeting is a chance for the church to gather together and assess the health and ministry of the church.  During the annual meeting we will take time to look back on the church over the previous year and celebrate the things God has done in and through this church community.  But this is not simply a time to 'look back' but also an opportunity to 'look ahead' as well.  We will look into next year and see the opportunities and, yes, some of the challenges we are facing in the upcoming year.  

Additionally, we will take a look at the financial situation of the church and how that may affect how we approach our opportunities and challenges in the upcoming year.  

Lastly, the annual meeting is the tradtional time that we, as a church body, vote.  At the meeting we will vote, by ballot, on those who will represent us on the church board in the upcoming years as well as those who will represent our church at the annual gathering of the Washington Pacific District of the Church of the Nazarene in April.  


Who Can Vote?

We love and value the input of every person who attends Longview Church of the Nazarene, whether they are members or not!  However, by law, only those who are Active Members of Longview Church of the Nazarene may vote in the church elections.  

TO VOTE THIS YEAR, MEMBERS MUST REQUEST A BALLOT FROM THE CHURCH OFFICE.  You may request a ballot by calling or emailing the church office.

To be a member of the Church of the Nazarene, you must have attended at Membership Class (we call it LCN 101), expressed your desire/intention of becoming a member and been received into membership by the pastor.  

If you are unsure if you are a member, have any questions about membership or want to know more about the mission and ministry of Longview Nazarene contact the church office HERE.

What are WE voting on Anyway?

During the annual meeting/Elections we vote on two things;

1. Board Members: The board is the group of persons who, along with the pastor and staff, set policy, budgeting, and ministry planning for the church.  Most board members are elected for a 3 year term on a rotating basis (we have about 12 board members).  We also elect the SDMI Chair who oversees the Sunday school and Discipleship ministries of the church and the NMI chair who oversees our Mission Emphasis (local and international).  In addition to representing the church as a whole, setting fiscal policy, the church board serves as the hiring and review committee for the Pastor.  

2. District Assembly Delegates:  Each year the Nazarene Churches in western Washington (known as the Wa-Pac district) gathers for an annual meeting.  Each church is allowed a number of delegates (depending on size of membership) who represent the church at this meeting. At district assembly delegates vote on various ministry and policy matters for the District as well as the Global Church of the Nazarene.