Every 4 years, the "Manual" of the Church of the Nazarene stipulates that the pastor of each local church undergo a process of review by the District Superintendent and the Church Board.  The nature of our church also stipulates that the members (in this case those who attend) have the opportunity to have a voice in the review process.  For the next week, if you have specific concerns with the pastoral leadership of this church, you are given a chance to share those concerns with a board member (see below).  You may email Wesley Manning (the Secretary of the Board) HERE with your concerns.  

If you choose to email, please include your name so that the board can verify that you do, in fact, attend the church.  While our desire is that you would also share your concerns directly with the pastor, you will be kept anonymous should that be your wish.  

Church Board

The church board is elected each year at the annual meeting of our congregation. In the Church of the Nazarene, the church board is tasked with oversight of the mission and ministry of the church.  The church board works to ensure our facilities are in good order, that our finances are kept straight, and assists the pastor in implementing the mission of the church in our community.  These individuals are an invaluable part of the mission and ministry of Longview Church of the Nazarene. 

  • Wesley Manning

    Church Board Secretary:  Wesley is responsible to keep minutes for the board and sign all official documentation for the Church.  

  • Harold Walton - Treasurer

    Church Treasurer:  Harold keeps the books straight and makes sure the money that you give to the ministry of the church is used wisely and effectively.  He leads the board in budgeting so that we might maximize the resources God has given (through your generosity) for the mission of Christ in the world.  

  • Renelle Treat

    Nazarene Missions International President: Renelle oversees and organizes our local and international mission education and participation.  

  • Janet Walker

    Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries Director (SDMI): Janet oversees the discipleship ministry of the church including: Sunday school, CORE groups, Men's Ministry and Women's Ministry.

  • Ray Walker

    Facilities Chair: If its broken, leaking, needs painting or squeaking, Ray is on top of it.  He and his team are responsible for keeping our facilities working properly and looking nice.

  • Patsy Hite

    Director of Celebrate Recovery:  Patsy oversees the Celebrate Recovery ministry of the church.  She leads and works with a fantastic group of volunteers.

  • Regan Coordes

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  • Sharon Fix

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  • Tom Kinsey

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  • Carol Klinginsmith

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  • Juanita Davis

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